Casual chic <3

Casual chic may sound cliché but it’s all about for looking put-together without being overdone. Mastering this subtle look is all about focusing in on a few key pieces that work to turn a simple outfit into something stunning but low key.

Fact of the matter is that we all want to look like we just rolled out of bed beautifully dressed. The unfortunate truth is that a little planning is necessary, especially when it comes to fashion. One thing I say to everyone is once you’ve collated a wardrobe of classic staples, a few unique statement pieces & mastered the confidence to be comfortable in any outfit, you know you can leave the house everyday looking chic, effortlessly.

What I’ve done here is mixed and matched different fabrics and styles. I’ve thrown a tailored coat with a pair of ASOS Mid Rise Skinny jeans and my gorgeous ankle boots! To break it all up I’ve just used my basic T-shirt and to complete the look I’ve added pop of colour with the ASOS Bowling Bag. Casual & chic 🙂

Love Gamze ❤

 photo 1_zps6579c0f0.jpg

 photo 2_zpsa8863a27.jpg

 photo 3_zps8e8da9f4.jpg

 photo 4_zpsf96792fd.jpg

 photo 5_zps5592acd3.jpg

 photo 6_zpsc8950b59.jpg

 photo 2_zps1c9b77c8.jpg

Outfit details:

Tailored Coat


Skinny Mid Rise Jeans

Ankle Boots

Bowling Bag



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